Our services reach from consulting, planning and projection to well-founded feasibility studies and research projects as well as expert opinions on water supply for irrigation in agriculture.


For us, the focus is on a holistic view of water supply.

We consider each individual crop to be irrigated separately.
The location and the climatic and soil conditions there are taken into account.
The use of smart farming enables optimized operations through high-tech based systems. Synergy effects and knowledge transfer make sustainable ressource utilization as realizable as possible.

We offer our consulting services to professional companies, manufacturers, farms as well as to the public sector.


On the basis of system integrative expertise, a scientifically founded and experience-based expert knowledge, irriport GmbH conducts studies on the future-oriented use of resources.

These studies are designed to be translatable into feasible designs for complex irrigation structures.
Using an objective decision matrix for which we collect, evaluate and interpret data, we finally develop our fulsome concepts.
Our purpose is to produce maximum yields and quality with a minimal use of water, energy and investment of an effectively planned irrigation structure.
We have impressively proven that this is feasible in many projects that have already been realised.
We offer concepts and solutions for individual farms as well as for communities such as cooperatives or water and soil associations. 

We also plan and supervise a large number of experimental plants and research projects.


Parssa Razavi was appointed as a publicy appointed and sworn expert for irrigation of the Federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz in 2008.

Since then, Parssa Razavi has been involved with court opinions as well as public orders, among other things.