Appel day 2022 DLR Rheinpfalz

Automated and permanently installed irrigation is also becoming more and more important in fruit growing. Due to the increasing number of dry years, there is an increasing response from fruit growers.
We are pleased that we were able to present our planned irrigation system to all interested parties at this year's Apple Day on the Klein-Altendorf campus.

In cooperation with Mrs. Elke Immik from DLR Rheinpfalz, we presented the irrigation system built on the site of DLR Rheinpfalz and its control technology. About 11 hectares of orchards are now supplied as needed with the automated and radio-controlled system for irrigation as well as sensors for recording soil moisture.
The fruit trees, and especially the apple trees, are thus well equipped in future for years with very low rainfall vegetation periods.

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from left to right Fr. Immik (DLR Rheinpfalz), Hr. Razavi und Hr. Myrzik (irriport GmbH); in the background of the technology container