Projekt Ersdorf/ Meckenheim

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The water storage basin is already finished and the first pipes to the individual plots have been laid. 
image: Michael Schlag/ MS-Agrarfilm

Planning for this major project has already been underway since 2018.


The aim of this project is to ensure that 160 ha of agricultural land in the Ersdorf district have access to an automated and radio-controlled irrigation system by the end of the year.
To achieve this, the project is planned down to the smallest detail and with the participation of all stakeholders from different sectors.

Work on the 24,000 m³ water storage basin is almost complete. The fleece to protect the sealing foil and the foil have been laid. The technical building at the basin has already been set up.  

The first trenches have been dug and pipes laid for the irrigation lines. To protect nature, the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) method is being used at relevant points.