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Consulting Engineers for water and water management


Safe food production is becoming one of the greatest challenges on our planet.
Without a reliable water supply for agricultural land, this will not succeed.
Globally, however, agricultural irrigation systems show little development compared to the years after 1970.
According to the report, water wastage has characterised agricultural irrigation for more than 50 years.

One way out of this dilemma can be the automation and digitalisation of agricultural irrigation systems.

It reliably leads to significant water savings while safeguarding yields and also sustainably conserves freshwater resources.

Irriport GmbH has been focusing on the still unconsidered potentials of agricultural water management for more than a decade.




Irriport GmbH has been working very successfully on this mission for over 10 years and offers practical, professional and financially highly profitable concepts.


Water is not everything for plant production, but without water everything is nothing!

As consulting engineers, we have a high level of competence in the segment of sustainable system-integrated irrigation management.

Our company is distinguished by its pioneering work in agricultural water supply both nationwide and worldwide.

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Our services range from planning, consulting and project management to well-founded feasibility studies and research projects, as well as expert opinions on irrigation in agriculture.

Our know-how and many years of experience are the keys to profitable, individual and highly efficient solutions.

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